BMW 3 Series Launch Event

The launch of the new BMW 3 Series took place on Friday the 18th of January in Joe Duffy's brand new state-of-the-art BMW facility in Charlestown. The launch was an astounding success with an extremely positive reaction to the new 3 Series.

The much anticipated G20 did not disappoint with a modern revamped structure, advanced technology and updated features. The new 3 Series has simple lines for the body, which really frame and emphasize the athletic overtones of the car. Proportionally it has changed for the better with the length standing 85mm longer than its predecessor; it is also 16mm wider and 1mm taller. The wheelbase also measures 41mm longer. Overall making the 3 Series bigger across the board.

The larger exterior in turn leads to a larger cockpit. The interior design elements emphasis those gains, with a cockpit that has been created with sole focus on the driver. All controls have been placed in the ideal location. You can also expect the following, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, Connected Music, Automate My Habits, Caring Car and ConnectedPackage Professional.

One of the key features of the new BMW 3 Series is the Digital Key. The digital key gives you the power to lock, unlock and even start the engine without the need for a physical key. All you have to do us download it to your android smartphone using the BMW Connected app.